Wednesday, February 11, 2009

forsythia and other plants I can't grow

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Grow forsythia

Actually, my forsythia bush is doing well, these past 10 years, but it produces no glorious golden flowers.
I think there is too much shade, or not enough cold temperature in the winter. I need to research this. It had blooms when I bought it. Do you have any suggestions on how to get my forsythia to bloom?
Other plants that I can't grow: lilacs won't give flowers, bleeding hearts and lily of the valley bloom once and quickly disappear.
These four plants and their flowers are all part of beautiful memories for me, from my mom's garden in Wisconsin.
But I could use help in getting them to give lovely traditional flowers here in California.
I did plant 10 Lily of the valley pips in January, in a pot, since I keep trying and hoping.

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Karen said...

Our forsynthia bloom profusely (as long as the deer don't lick the flowers off that they are not supposed to like) and I have to trim them back each year. I think you may have something about the cold and shade. Wow, the cold is actually good for something around here.