Friday, December 26, 2008

Volunteer Sunflower and Me on Christmas Day

Hi Friends,
I love this sunflower so much that I asked my dh to take this photo on Christmas Day.

We have been watching this sturdy plant which was not planted by us, and is a true volunteer. It pushed up through the soil on about November 1, maybe thanks to some dear bird gardener. No one in their right mind would plant a sunflower seed here in November. It even survived some very cold frosty nights, when I had to scrape frost from my car's windows in the morning.

What a gallant flower friend, and for me, a symbol of God's caring and hope for the future.


Anonymous said...

i really have always liked sunflowers.

this one is very special.

kalea_kane said...

Amazing! Maybe a lil bird will plant one our way!

Sparkles said...

You and the sunflower look positively sunny! What magic God weaves into our lives. Thanks for the great pix. Merry Christmas. Sparkles