Friday, December 5, 2008

Angel Book, Prizes Too

This is my week to host the blog tour for Then Along Came An Angel, and I am happy to review the book for you and let you know about the wonderful prizes the editor is offering. To enter just leave a comment here.

Here is my review for this book full of true angel encounters.

This is a compelling collection of stories written by people who have encountered an angel. I noticed as I read that I kept thinking “this is my favorite story” and then a few pages later “no, wait, this is my most-liked.”

With so many lovely stories to select from, several favorites did emerge, beginning with “An army outside my window”, by Lea Peters, which starts “Gunshots rang just outside the front wall of our home. I plucked my 10-year-old son off the bicycle.” I got goosebumps reading about the powerful protective angels surrounding a missionary’s house during civil war in Burundi in central Africa.

Another story “The freeway, His way” is told by a senior citizen who arrives late to church, and takes the only seat she can reach with her walker. The writer, Marilyn R. Prasow, is very worried about her finances and specifically how she will pay for gas and for a prescription she needs. Her neighbor in the pew is a young man she has not seen before, and he turned to her and said “God has put this need in my heart to help you.”

The young man insisted on writing a check and giving it to her. When she finally dared to look at the check, she thought it would be for a helpful amount like ten dollars, but her spirit leapt with joy, when she saw how much larger the amount was. This reminds me that God is like that, often giving us so much more than we can even dream.

As you read this book about angels among us, you will surely find your own favorite stories that will touch your soul.

Here is a link for more info and to order a copy:

Leave a comment here, or on one of the other blogs on the tour, for a chance to win a large array of goodies; one commenter will be selected to win 2 angel books, a tote bag, lotions and more, valued at $118.00. The link below also gives details on the prizes.

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Mary said...

I love stories of God intervening in our lives, the Angel book sounds great. Please add my name in the drawing, thanks!

Julie Bonn Heath said...

Thanks for featuring the book, Terra! I'm so happy that it blessed you! ~julie

conarnold said...

Sounds like there are probably many goose bump moments in reading the stories in this book! I love reading about angels helping people. Thank you for the great review!

ForstRose said...

I'm trying to stop by and greet as many fellow host on this tour as I can and I am enjoying reading all the thoughts and stories about the book.


valerie2350 said...

this book sounds very interesting!

Sparkles said...

Terra what a lovely look at angels. I have seen a few:some were tall and some were tiny. I wonder what form our guardian angel takes before resting lightly on our shoulder and whispering into our hearts? Please enter me in your drawing. Sparkles

onangelwings said...

The book reminds you that there is so much more to life than we can even try to realize. It is beyond comprehension and if we just stop and look for the signs of God, we will see them.