Sunday, July 27, 2008

Gardening Uses Calories

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Isn't it fun to remember that gardening uses calories, and is a form of exercise?
I looked this up today, and found that for a woman who weighs 135 pounds, gardening uses 161 calories in 30 minutes.
Playing with children, by running and walking uses 129 calories, moderate bicycling (12 mph) 258 calories, running (6 mph) 322 calories, and walking (4 mph, level) 129 calories.
For a 180 pound man (lighter people expend fewer calories, obviously) sleeping uses 72 calories in 30 minutes, watering the garden 122 calories, planting seedlings 162 calories, and digging 202 calories.
And a big plus for all that dreaded weeding we do is that he would use 364 calories for 30 minutes.
See, gardening is not only good for the soul but for our bodies too!


Trace & Terri said...

What a blessing that gardening uses up so many calories.Does that mean if I am running/walking with my grandson and gardening... I don't need to use the Bowflex?

Terra Hangen said...

If you are running/walking with your grandson AND gardening, be sure you eat enough to maintain your strength; using the Bowflex might overdo it. Ha!