Thursday, April 3, 2008

Reading magazines

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Do you subscribe to any magazines?
For many years I have subscribed to Writer's Digest and The Writer, taking notes and absorbing the information in them. These are excellent magazines, especially for beginning and intermediate writers.
I subscribe to so many mags that I recently cancelled my subscription to these two writer's magazines, while keeping my subscriptions to Christian Communicator and Advanced Christian Writer.
Of course after being so proud of myself for cancelling two subscriptions I am treating myself to a new subscription to Prevention Magazine.
I haven't received my first issue yet, but the wheels are in motion.
Even if only one article per issue helps me live a more healthy life, I figure it is well worth the cost.
I think Prevention will even have some garden ideas. I saw a charming short article online today from Prevention, which suggests "For those of us who have no space for gardening outdoors, how about planting a garden in our hearts?"
Take care, and keep on reading.
Is there a magazine you consider helpful that you want to share in a comment?


Trace & Terry said...

One of my daily companions on my spritual journey is a magazine called "The Daily Word" Although geared for Catholics I think all Christians would enjoy the readings! Sparkles

beckie said...

Prevention usually has some really good articles. My husband was having such trouble with a heel and had been to several Drs. with it, doing stretching exercises and taking pain pills. One article caught my eye and it described his condition to a T. Recommendations included New Balance shoes. Worth a try. A couple weeks after wearing them, his heel was 'cured'! Of course, I like the old favorite, Family Circle. Relevant articles, great recipes and wonderful photos.

Cathy Messecar said...

My favorite magazine is "Discipleship Journal." Bi-monthly, it offers themed issues. Some themes "Into the World" "Joy" and "Cultivating Your God-Given Influence" (sort of pruning our talents for growth).

Thought you'd like that last one, Terra.

You are a wealth of gardening info. I jsut looked up the info to subscribe to Advanced Christian Commuicator yesterday.

But, like you, I have cacelled a few subscriptions over the years, but I've hung on to some long time favorites such as Readers Digest and Good Housekeeping.

Until next time...