Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Song Birds and Garden Plants

You can help song birds by planting trees, shrubs and flowers that give them food and shelter.
Great suggestions are fruit and nut trees, like pecan, walnut and mulberry (Cedar waxwings love these sweet berries). Wax Myrtle, blueberries, and California Hollyberry are beloved by your garden birds. Salvias or Sages provide colors including brilliant blue and flaming crimson for your garden palette, hummingbirds will discover them as food sources, and song birds birds will eat their seeds.
When you visit your favorite nursery, keep the birds’ needs in mind, buy extra plants or trees for them, and enjoy the ballets the birds will perform for you.
For San Diego gardeners my article “Flowers for your feathered friends” is in the February 2008 “San Diego Family Magazine”, and has lots of info.

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Giddy said...

Hi Terra and thanks for visiting my blog! No doubt your weather is much nicer this time of year than what we have here on the east coast and it will be fun to keep up with the happenings in your neck of the woods.

Whenever I plant shrubs, I always try to plant some that will feed the birds.