Saturday, February 16, 2008

Spring Fever, Tiger Lilies, Onions and more

Tiger Lily
Originally uploaded by zizzybaloobah

Do you have spring fever yet?

I think all gardeners get this feverish condition as soon as sunny days appear. When I lived in Wisconsin, all the snow had to melt before spring fever occurred.

Here in California, mid-February and cold sunny days means all the gardeners I know are quietly asking each other “Did you plant anything yet?” Actually that is a big topic at work. We all say “No not yet. But soon. Soon.”

Last week I told my green thumb buddies, I plan to plant sweet pea seeds, and onion sets and garlic sets.

Sure enough, today I went to my local nursery and bought 100 sets of Red Weatherfield Onions, and 3 bulbs of California Garlic. I added a giant bag of Cocoa Bean Hulls for mulch, and 3 bulbs of "Tiger Orange" Lily. The picture on the package shows bright orange petals with speckles, which is the signature plant that reminds me of my mom, so I had to buy that!

How do you handle this sweet malady called spring fever? I think the best cure is planting things that you love. What are you planting as the cure?

This photo is from zizzybaloobah at creativecommons


kate said...

I definitely have spring fever and yet we are buried under several feet of snow. All sorts of plans are hatching for what I'll be planting this spring (it won't be here for many more weeks).

minhus said...

Unfortunately the garden is frozen and snow covered here in Ohio. It will still be a few months before planting begins. :(

However I still get a bit of a gardening fix by forcing some bulbs inside and winter sowing.

I'm so ready for spring!

Kylee said...

I can't plant anything outside yet here in Ohio, even though I'm just dying to get out there and do so. But I'll be starting some seeds indoors soon. Hopefully that will preserve my sanity. I've just had enough of winter already!
Love the photo of the tiger lily.