Sunday, February 24, 2008

Moon Flower Magic In Your Night Garden

Moon Flower
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Moon Flower Magic
If you have seen moon flowers at night, you know they seem to have an eerie glow, and appear to float unattached to the earth.
It is great entertainment to watch a tightly furled moon flower unfold at night to its five to six inch across fully opened bloom, which takes two to three minutes.
Early spring is an ideal time to plant the seeds of the Moon Flower (Ipomoea alba), after the average last day of frost. For an early start, plant them in peat pots indoors, so they will transplant to the garden easily.
The seeds must be soaked for 24 hours before planting. The 10 foot vines need plenty of sun and moisture and don’t need to be tied to a support since they will hold on to it with tendrils.


Kylee said...

They unfurl THAT fast? Wow. I never knew. I have grown morning glories, but never this. I think I'll try some this year!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous vine, and so fragrant. I once had some planted by the front porch, where I'd sit in the evening, enjoying the spectacle and delightful odor... nice photo.....Deb