Friday, February 8, 2008

Black Squirrel Storing Up For Winter

I have a volunteer gardener. A black squirrel visits and plants peanuts in the shell, which have sprouted. Our neighbor feeds him/her raw peanuts in the shell.
Little Blackie scoots over to our house and buries extra peanuts in our vegie garden, and in flower pots.
Most recently he planted a walnut in the shell.
I think he is awfully cute.


Karen said...

Cute and oh so entertaining! We have the regular brown variety but he is always hilariously trying to get into the finch feeder. He got the top off once and had everything but his back feet in the tube. Just when I thought I would get footage and $10,000 on AFV, he managed to pull himself out. Next time I need to grab the camera faster.

Robin's Nesting Place said...

I've never seen a black squirrel before. It's so cute.

Terra Hangen said...

Hi Robin,
I love your blog name and that is a striking photo on Feb 2, that looks like a pink carnation. (?)
It's funny, black squirrels are rare here. All the neighborhood squirrels are grey, except for my handsome black gardener squirrel.

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

I wish I could remember who was doing it, but some educational/scientific institution collects sightings of black squirrels. There are a couple living within a mile of my house (none in my garden, however). I think they are beautiful in a way that Grays and Fox squirrels are not. When I lived in Bartlett, Illinois, I saw a black squirrel & an albino in the same yard.

Taracotta said...

Thank you for choosing me as one of your top 10 gardening blogs. I will link your sites to my blog. to read all about your gardening tips etc...Thanks again.

Tara Perry

Barbee' said...

I came over to read the post you mentioned. I finally found it. Cute photo. It's fun having others in the garden as long as they do not dig up our plants. Maybe he hoped to grow more peanuts. :)