Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Signing my first book contract

Christmas Book written by friends
January 15, 2008 is a red letter day for me. The breathlessly awaited contract, signed by the three Ohio Word Quilters the previous Friday, arrived in my California mail box today.
The U.S. postal service is very dependable, thank goodness.

This is the first book I have written, which our group has titled “Scrapbook of Christmas Firsts.” We six writers, while separated by miles, co-wrote the book, as we were united in spirit and writing enthusiasm.

Our book makes Christmas a longed for and enjoyed Holy Day that will engage each reader. We crafted lots of fun tips, recipe ideas, and personal family stories, from the silly to the sublime.
Purple stockings. Grandma’s snow angel. The recipe for King Cake, which was new to me. Christmas camping in the Everglades, a tale of my family of four plus Chile, our somewhat brave chihuahua, heading to the tip of Florida, from our snow bound Wisconsin home.

With our book we get you energized with scads of great ideas, for sharing with others in need, favorite children’s Christmas books and fabulous treasured family recipes.

We dream big: our hope is that we will all meet in person for the first time, when Oprah invites us to share our Word Quilters writing journey on her show.

The beginnings of the writing life are often slow and lonely, and will be enriched by writing friends, and by every person who tells me that they love what I write.

Wow. What a blessing to hear from one person that he/she enjoyed my jottings. I often write about gardening, and hear from a few people that they used my idea, or were inspired to buy a bare root rose or plant a “rebellious morning glory”.

If you love an author, consider sending them a note.
I wrote to only two authors thus far, by U.S. mail, and both sent me hand written notes that I treasure. Sheldon Vanauken and Madeleine L’Engle. What gracious people they were. They have since graduated to heaven.

So consider thanking a writer today. They will appreciate your encouragement. And look for our book, Scrapbook of Christmas Firsts, published by Leafwood, this fall.


Cathy Messecar said...

So happy the contract arrived. Now for the next thrill on the journey, when it arrives at Leslies'...Cathy

Karen said...

Terra, your husband took a beautiful picture of you! I'm so glad the contract made it safely to you. Yeah for the pony express!

Trish Berg said...


Great photo! I am so blessed and excited to be workgin with you on this amazing book.

Your gifts for gardening and plants just amazes me!

And your heart as my friend is even more amazing.

I simply cherish you!

Blessings-Trish Berg

Brenda King said...

Congrats on your book contract! It sounds like an engaging book, and I hope to read it soon! ~Brenda