Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Iris the 'flower of light"

Photo from Martin LaBar, Flickr.com

Are you a fan of the bearded iris? They are available in a rainbow of colors, and my friend talked enthusiastically to me about iris today. But, oops, although they are gorgeous, we can't plant them until July 1 to October 31 here in California, and at the earlier part of that season for colder climates.

Iris is named for the Greek goddess, Iris, who is the personification of the multi-hued rainbow and a messenger. In the language of flowers, receiving Iris means the sender has a message for you. Another name for these flowers is fleur-de-luce or "Flower of light." The Iris is said to have been brought from heaven to Clovis I, the first Christian king of France.

As the season approaches for planting these colorful garden "flowers of light" I will post more details for planting them.


Karen said...

Have you ever heard of an ever-blooming iris? I got some two years ago from Springhill (I think) and this past summer I had blooms in spring and again just before the frost hit.

Martin LaBar said...

Thanks for giving credit!

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Very pretty. I can't wait until mine bloom.