Sunday, September 27, 2015

Friends of Narnia, Call and the Mighty Lion Will Come

And this scene from "The Last Battle" by C.S. Lewis, dear friends, gives me goose bumps when I read it. Our King is strong to help us and as the song says "He is mighty to save".

“Aslan—and children from another world,” thought Tirian. “They have always come in when things were at their worst. Oh, if only they could now.”
And he called out “Aslan! Aslan! Aslan! Come and help us now.”
But the darkness and the cold and the quietness went on just the same.
“Let me be killed,” cried the King. “I ask nothing for myself. But come and save all Narnia.”
And still there was no change in the night or the wood, but there began to be a kind of change inside Tirian. Without knowing why, he began to feel a faint hope. And he felt somehow stronger. “Oh Aslan, Aslan,” he whispered. “If you will not come yourself, at least send me the helpers from beyond the world. Or let me call them. Let my voice carry beyond the world.” Then, hardly knowing that he was doing it, he suddenly cried out in a great voice:
“Children! Children! Friends of Narnia! Quick. Come to me. Across the worlds I call you; I, Tirian, King of Narnia, Lord of Cair Paravel, and Emperor of the Lone Islands!”

From The Last Battle, C.S.Lewis


Mari said...

That scene gives me gooes bumps too. Our King will always hear and is always working.

Wanda said... I have goosebumps.... Wonderful.

Denise said...

wow, love this

Pom Pom said...

Great post! I might re-read the books!

Terra said...

"The Last Battle" is a brilliant book, and this series is one to re-read, I agree you Pom Pom.

Susan said...

Hello Terra....Thanks so much for your visit and comment on my blog. I appreciated both. I need to read more of C.S. Lewis.

Duni said...

Hi Terra,
the excerpt is wonderful. The lion king is a strong and majestic creature! Love him!
Thanks for stopping by my blog and your lovely comment. Appreciate it so much :)
Wishing you a lovely and peaceful Sunday with lots of smiles!

DawnTreader said...

I love the Narnia books and have read and listened to them all "any" number of times :)