Wednesday, December 12, 2012

St Clare and waiting for the King of Angels

St Clare
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O marvelous humility

O astonishing poverty

The King of angels

The Lord of heaven and earth

is laid in a manger.

The above was written by Saint Claire of Assisi in a letter to Agnes of Prague.

Saint Claire is also spelled Clare and her life was fascinating; she lived from July 16, 1194 to August 11, 1253.

Her father was a count and her mother very religious, and her father wanted her to be married at age 15. She postponed marriage to age 18 when she met Saint Francis of Assisi, and Claire became his first female follower.

Following her death the order she founded was renamed in her honor as the Order of Saint Clare, today often called the Poor Clares.

Her words (above) are perfect for this Christmas season as we await the birth of the King of Angels.


Ann said...

I agree, very good way to await our Savior's birth.

Denise said...

Bless you dear.

Wanda said...

I don't have it at my fingertips, but I did a Workshop on the Spiritual Disciplines some years ago when we were still in ministry for retiring.

I read a book that I think was by Saint Clair, on Prayer..and she talked about a crystal room. I will have to look it up, as I was really touch by the book and her concept of prayer.

Hope Filled Living said...

I would love to read more about her.

Amrita said...

True words from the saint. The ruler of the universe emptied himself for us

Laurie said...

Beautiful post Terra, my little niece was named after St. Claire.

June said...

A perfect write Terra to celebrate this time of year when we offer our thanks to God for sending His son to Earth!
Have a joyous Christmas my dear.
sending hugs...

rosaria williams said...

So good to hear about these giving souls who taught us all how to give, how to love fully.

Vicki said...

Such a beautiful message for today, dear Terra! Wishing you and your family a blessed Christmas and the happiest of new years. Love and blessings to you!Vicki

Pom Pom said...

Hi Terra! I love this. Thank you for the fascinating information!

Marydon said...

In all my days, I had not heard this part of St. Francis life. Beautiful & so appreciate the share.

Why did my pictures take you back?

Thank you for being with me always, Terra.

Merry Christmas