Monday, August 30, 2010

Gopher plant in our garden

This photo of me and one of our gopher plants shows how tall gopher plants can be. I like the look of these plants, but they don't seem to completely repel gophers. We have gophers living three feet from our plant, and the gophers are munching away on our vegetables in a most alarming manner.
Before posting this photo I researched these plants, Euphorbia lathyris, AKA Gopher spurge, Cape spurge, Mole plant or Mole spurge and read that the white sap is very toxic, so be very cautious when handling the plant or cutting it. People have gone to the ER room because it caused an allergic reaction with severe itching and swelling on hands and face.
I read that the gopher plant can spread so much by its seeds that it is considered a noxious weed in some areas like the Pacific Northwest. Here at our home in California it hasn't spread and we have two large plants.
Have you grown gopher plants? Did they repel gophers?


Anonymous said...

Dear Terra, I do not think that I have ever encountered this particular Euphorbia growing this tall. Quite a specimen indeed! As for deterring moles, or gophers which I imagine are similar, I am not convinced of the truth of this. Yes, it does seed around but not, in my experience, to become a nuisance.

You are so wise to advise of the toxic sap which combined with sunshine can be a real menace.

Dragonfly Treasure said...

My Dad always surrounded his vegetable garden with a "fence" of gopher plants. It seemed to work. He was in the country so he fought with all kinds of critters attacking his veggies. Good luck fighting yours!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

This is interesting; here inthe Midwest, what we refer to as gopher plat or mole bean is the castor bean plant. I had never seen this variety!
Does anything deter gophers?
I'm thinkinga nuclear weapon would have little effect onthem...LOL!!! I have tried luck. So I hope that plant is the miracle worker!


Anonymous said...

This is the first gopher plant I think I have ever seen. Thank you for the information. Sorry it doesn't seem to be keeping away the gophers. Hugs

farmlady said...

I like Anne's comment about using a Nuclear weapon. That might, at least, scare them off to someone's distant property.
I was given "Gopher purge" last year by a friend who swore by the stuff. I planted it all the way around the lawn and it did seen to keep them away. This year I pulled a lot of it out because I had heard that it was very invasive and what was left didn't seem to work at all.
They are on attack right now and my lawn looks like it's a land mind field that exploded. Then the dogs decided to dig for these little underground terrors so the lawn is basically shot.
The little beasts are everywhere. I haven't tried air bombs or chewing gum but I think it's a loosing battle. The best thing that I would recommend is raised beds with chicken wire underneath the dirt. That is the only thing that keeps them out of our veggie garden.

Sparkles said...

Hi Sunshine. That is one big Gopher plant! I don't have gophers this year but old Black Jack left me a gift of a velvet, black mole.It was so soft. Love, Sparkles

Jemi Fraser said...

I've never heard of these plants before! Cool - too bad they don't seem to be working for you.

Amrita said...

Thanks for showing me a gopher plant

Crystal Mary said...

Hiya Terra, I have never heard of these plants...and I have never seen a gopher??
One of our garden pests are the Cane Toad. I wish we had something to deter them. Nice to see you in the picture, makes me feel connected. Hugs to you.

koralee said...

Hi my friend...I have never heard of a Gopher for this today! Hope it works. xoxo