Monday, February 1, 2010

Avatar and Gone with the Wind battle it out

Hi Friends,
Recent headlines trumpet "Avatar biggest money making movie yet" and I always wonder about such headlines. It turns out that headlines that say this are not correct and are very disingenuous.
My dh and I enjoy seeing movies in the theater on the big screen and give a high rating to our most recent film viewed, Sherlock Holmes.
We haven't seen Avatar yet, and aim to, soon.
I saw this fun link
The link shows movie gross earnings adjusted for inflation. The key here is "adjusted for inflation"!
Using this benchmark, the experts there determined that Avatar is no. 26 for earnings, thus far. Numero uno is Gone with the Wind, followed by Star Wars, Sound of Music, and more, and you can read the ratings by following the link.
What impresses me is that there are more than six billion people on earth now,  vs. perhaps one billion when Gone With the Wind was released, and today there are so many more theaters and abundant technology, yet Gone With the Wind has not been toppled from its rank, at least not yet.


Naqvee said...

i have seen Avatar, but trust my words half of the time you will feel that you are watching some not so real and very high quality animated film. The message is not that clear. humans want to help but they want to acquire land on the newly explored planet. later they destroy the planet badly. no idea what it wanted to convey. it was 1 human who was good Vs. many humans who were selfish.

didnt watch sherlock homes. will see it soon.

Love Naqvee

Sandra said...

Hi! you once visited my blog and left a comment. Plz drop by again, as I have updated; I would love to hear from you. ;)

Jim/ArtofGardening said...

I read quite a while ago that movies such as Gone with the Wind and Snow White passed a billion dollars long ago - just by their sheer age - 71 years and counting. And that wasn't adjusting for inflation. Rebroadcasting, re-issues, and licensing never really go away, they just lessen over time. And each time a new viewing method becomes available the movies that stand the test of time are made available again.

Have not seen Avatar. Can't get my wife or daughter to go with me.

Shelia said...

Hi! I haven't see Avatar and I don't think that sort of film is my cup of tea! I'll vote for Gone With the Wind any day!!
Thanks for popping in to see me.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Kimberly said...

I love watching movies period.

I watch a movie by myself on Tuesdays when I iron clothes.

You live in Coastal CA. That is where I want to live. We have been looking for a home there for two years.

Holly said...

I have not seen Avatar and probably won't - our movie watching time is precious these days.

After living in L.A. most of my life...I am not surprised everything is "inflated or adjusted."LOL
I think it just shows that really good movies stand the test of time.

Noelle said...

I have seen Sherlock Holmes and loved it. I have not made it to see Avatar yet. I don't really have a reason....but I hear the plants are amazing. I need to just grab my husband and go ;^)

Julie said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. Your comments blessed me so much!