Friday, July 10, 2009

my book's blog is up and running

Hi Friends, Old and New.
As you may know I co-wrote a very upbeat book about how to celebrate Christmas, last year, and my co-authors and I posted fun and inexpensive tips 6 days a week last year, so there is a wonderful treasure trove of Christmas tips at our blog.
This week we are starting again with even more fresh ideas.
Visit for Christmas in July :)
We love you to share your comments and ideas on the blog, and also appreciate blog followers greatly.

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Tatyana said...

Hi Terra! Thanks for stopping at my blog and leaving a comment! My husband was stationed in Turkey. His favorite joke is: The good thing was that there was a girl behind each tree there. The bad thing was that there were no trees!
Whether it's true or not, I don't think we go there any time soon. I'd like to visit Stambul, although. Mostly, because there was a big Russian population there after 1917 revolution.
I need to check your website!