Friday, June 19, 2009

Hot June is Time for Planting More Seeds

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Now that the soil and air temperature is hot, many seeds will thrive if you plant in June and July. You may fear it is too late for seeds, but it is an ideal time to plant for second crops.
Zinnias, marigolds, nasturtiums, cosmos and sunflowers can be planted in June and July.
For second vegetable crops plant beans, summer squash, beets, Japanese mustard, and carrots from seed.
Basil, parsley, thyme, oregano and sage will also do well now, so go ahead and plant this week. More power to you, my gardening friends.

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Jacqueline C said...

Hi Terra! I'm glad that you happened upon my humble blog! And, to answer your question, Bloggiesta was a 48 hr blog improvement challenge that took place this weekend. There were also a bunch of mini-challenges associated with it. It's over for now but Natasha, owner of Maw Books Blog and host of the challenge, says that it will definitely happen again.