Friday, April 24, 2009

Cheapskate Garden Tip 9

Save Money By Growing Your Own Produce vs. Store Bought
Here is a big encouragement to grow your own fruits and vegetables: it can save you money.
Experts say that one square foot of garden yields about $1.00 worth of produce, so a typical 15 foot by 20 foot garden, or 300 square feet, can yield $300.00 of produce.
The average gardener spends about $70.00 on a 600 square foot garden. If your garden is that large that could be a savings of $530.00 on produce.
For beginners, I advise you to start small.
A four by six foot vegetable garden is an easy and manageable way to begin.
For apartment or condo dwellers, even five or so large pots on a sunny balcony or patio, filled with herbs, tomatoes, zucchinis and strawberries can yield quite a lot.
So get out there and grow veggies and save some bucks.

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patientgardener said...

I'm trying to grow more veg at home this year. I'm going more for those crops that are expensive to buy in the shops as this will give me the biggest savings.