Monday, April 6, 2009

Cheapskate Garden Tip 7

Run Little Rabbit Run (Away from my Garden please)

wild bunny in our garden
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Rabbits are pesky garden visitors. They are so cute, but will eat flowers and vegetables that we work hard to grow.
Some of us cheapskate gardeners resent sharing with bunnies, and devise ways to keep them out.

My friend, Brenda Nixon
reports success in repelling the rabbit invasion by using human hair near her favorite plants.
She brings home her hair clippings after each visit to the hair salon and sets small clumps of the hair near favored plants. Some salon owners will give customers bags of hair swept up from their shop floor, which saves the salon owner from disposing of the hair, and is recycling at its finest.
Dog owners save clumps of dog fur from home grooming of their dogs, and use it in the same manner, putting dog hair near favored plants, at row ends and along rows of vegetables. Dog groomers often are happy to give gardeners bags of clipped dog hair.
Happy gardening.

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Bonita said...

Great idea! A cat works wonders too!