Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Plant Delights nursery company

Do you associate gardening with fun? I sure do, and when my dear buddy showed me this catalog, I HAD to send for one.
This company has very odd and funny t-shirts you can order, like the one that says "It's not easy being variegated". Just silly stuff.
And wow, their plants are calling out "buy me", to me.
4 new agaves, 4 new hostas, and a giant Japanese variegated fern that they write "is sure to strike terror in the hearts of smaller plants."
Cast iron plants. Lovely coral bells like Heuchera Paris.
Campanula Summertime Blues with its blue bells and Canna Ermine, the closest to white hybrid, and on and on.
They mention this has been a rocky year financially for many nurseries, so gardeners, let's show them some love. Buy plants from your local nursery and from a favorite catalog nursery.
It's good for your garden and your soul, and absolutely patriotic to buy American.


Elizabeth said...

Hi Terra,

I had forgotten about Plant Delights! I ordered from some years ago, after spending days and days reading every letter of their catalog. Fun!

I've just emailed them asking them for a new catalog. Thanks for the idea!

Sparkles said...

Whoever wrote the copy for this catalog is a really funny person. I just loved the humor. Sparkles