Monday, March 30, 2009

Cheapskate Garden Tip 2

Orange Lily

Passalong plants are a friendly garden tradition of sharing plants, a tradition much favored by cheapskate gardeners and by gardeners nostalgic for old fashioned and sometimes hard to find varieties.
Day lilies are great passalong plants, that gardeners share by giving away divisions they dig up.

Save seeds, dig divisions and volunteer plants, and root cuttings from your plants, and give them to fellow gardeners, and ask them for passalong plants in return. My grandma sent me my first passalong, her Rose of Sharon seeds, from Indiana, all the way to California.
Dig up Iris, Canna and Day lily divisions to give away, save Zinnia, Coreopsis, Marigold, Purple cone flower and Salvia seeds, dig up volunteer Johnny Jump-ups and Four O’Clocks and trade with friends and neighbors.


Kim and Victoria said...

Always a good idea, and good to be reminded of it.

Anonymous said...

Most of daylilies were gifts or some we obtained from an avid gardner who grew them for the purpose of sharing. And they're still living in spite of me!

Bonita said...

Today my neighbor came by to see my square foot gardens and other plants. I told her to come back with her wheelbarrow and I'd happily share a bunch of plants, daylilies among them. I got most of my yard plants from relatives and friends so I figure I should share the wealth.