Monday, January 26, 2009

Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley
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I have a touch of spring fever, and this weekend as the cure I bought a package of 10 Lily of the Valley pips, as they are called, and planted them in a royal blue ceramic pot.
I used a gift certificate that one of my sons gave me for Christmas, so enjoyed the moment of picking out the fancy pot and the Lilies of the Valley, as a gift from him.
I also bought a package of 10 Gladiolus, "Flevo Laguna", which promise to be pale yellow with red edges. I didn't plant those yet.

Did you give in to spring fever, and buy some plants?
Buying from a catalog counts too.
If you like, share here what treats you planted, or aim to plant.


Bonita said...

I absolutely love Lily of the Valleys! I once had a neighbor who grew them beside her house and I fell in love with them. Hope yours grow well.

Anonymous said...

I received the Lemonade Award not too long ago--one of the cute and silly awards going around for bloggers--and one of the deals is that I have to find 10 others to award it to. I love the idea that you planted flowers in the dead of winter, even if it was just in a pot. I think that's making lemonade out of lemons, so I'm giving the award to you. (Lynn Mosher of the blog "Heading Home" won it also, btw)

You stopped by 777 Peppermint Place over Christmas and left a note on my "Ghost of Christmas Past" post. That's how I found you.

The winner announcement will be posted in Peppermint Place Feb 13. You can copy out the Lemonade Award and post it in your own blog. You're supposed to award it to ten other and link back to my blog, but that's entirely up to you.

Anyway, this is one long comment just to say I like Lilies of the Valley, too!

Blessings in Christ


Terra said...

I won my first award for this blog; the Lemonade Award.
Thank you Linda at 777 Peppermint Place.
A friend of mine saw I won it and emailed me today to tell me, plus several of our friends.