Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I am guest blogger at Redwhiteandgrewblog.com

There is an excellent blog at http://redwhiteandgrewblog.com where Pamela focuses on the theme of Victory Gardens.
She asked me to be guest blogger today, and so I wrote about growing and selecting living Christmas trees, and a bit about my Christmas book.
Victory Gardens' time has come again.
Isn't this a pretty photo that I found on Flickr? Someone planted their living Christmas tree and it looks so mystical in the snow.
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Naturegirl said...

A reminder that the snow is just around the corner. lovely image.!

Kaye said...

Hi Terra, Thanks for visiting Pudgypenguinperusals. Where is your rescue of the penguins after Katrina piece? I would really like to read that. Not sure this is the right place for this comment but hope you see it.

Terra Hangen said...

Hi Kaye,
I wrote an article for Freshwater and Marine Aquariums Magazine about how the New Orleans Aquarium was devastated and most of the fish died without the power on, to provide oxygen and the right temperature.
The penguins lived, yay! They were flown by private airplane (an anonymous donor) to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, as a place of refuge, and now are back home in New Orleans.