Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Fictioncation my twist on Staycation

My favorite new word was "staycation" for everyone who is vacationing close to home this summer, and my brand new favorite word that I invented is "fictioncation", for those of us staycationers who stay home with a good novel for R&R. Hey, can I copyright this word? Just kidding.

My definition of "fictioncation" includes a novel, a chaise lounge on a patio, balcony or in a garden, and ice tea or lemonade is optional.

We bought two novels this weekend, by authors new to us: "Who invited the dead man" by Patricia Sprinkle, and "Storm Front" by Jim Butcher. Sprinkle's series features a 60 something Southern gal who solves mysteries using charm and humor, and who is a gardener. What's not to like?

"Storm Front" is the first in a series, featuring a private investigator who is a wizard, and who sometimes helps the Chicago police department. This series is now a tv series "The Dresden Files" on the sci fi channel. I read the first few pages and there is blood and mayhem from the get go here.

Has anyone else read either of these, or seen the Dresden Files?

What are your favorite fictioncation books?


Karen said...

Fictioncation works for me. But how can I convince my husband I'm on vacation in the backyard?

I just finished a great new book, "An Irishwoman's Tale" by Patti Lacy. I didn't know what to expect from this new fiction writer but it was a real treat!

Now, how long before Webster makes this a dictionary word?

Terra Hangen said...

Thanks for the tip to read "An Irishwoman's Tale", a title and author that are new to me. So that is another book for my TBR pile.

Good luck on convincing your husband you are on vacation in the backyard. Tell him it is the new, gas-saving thing: fictioncation.

walk2write said...

Reading a good book for as long as I want with no interruptions is about the best vacation I can imagine. Most real vacations are overrated and over-priced anyway. I'm reading Beverly Lewis' The Parting (came out in 2007), and it's keeping my attention. It's about an Amish family and their various struggles within their own community and with the outside world.

Cami said...

Keep making up great words, Terra, Shakespeare did it, and his ended up in the dictionary!

Kim said...

My fictioncation involves reading all 29 books in the "Cat Who" series.