Saturday, March 15, 2008

Roses and Dandelions

Roses in the sky
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Are you thinking about roses today?
Rev. Samuel Reynolds Hole was a really dedicated preacher and rose enthusiast, who grew 5,000 roses in England, in Victorian times, and preached in 500 churches in his lifetime.

The man had a poetic vision for gardening, and wrote, in 1899 “What is a garden for? For the soul, sir, for the soul of the poet!”.

Our gardens do stir our souls and lift our spirits; even the lowly dandelion can cause me to admire its sun yellow color, and we all have adored picking dandelions when they ceased blooming and have the round white fluffy seed puffs we can blow into the breeze.

Once, while walking to elementary school, I dawdled to pick a fabulous dandelion bouquet for my much loved teacher. I arrived late, and was marked tardy by her. When I explained why I was late, the tardy mark was erased. Never underestimate the power of a flower gift.


jodi said...

You know, Terra, I'd be glad to see a dandelion today. I happen to be quite fond of them because they're bee-food in early spring, and their taproots also help break up my heavy clay soil. So a rose or a dandelion is equally cherished, most days, but especially now when I don 't have anything but frozen ground and snow and bare yuckies...spring's a ways off yet!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Terra .. I agree with Jodi .. anything in the plant world right now would be great to see come up from the ground above these snow banks ! .. enough of the snow already ! LOL

Anonymous said...

Nice anecdote and sentiment... Deb