Saturday, January 12, 2008

Roses: Bare root beauty from Billy Graham tea rose to Barbara Streisand tree rose

Lots of us love to grow roses, and for gardeners in my climate zone of 9, in California, now is a fine time to buy bare root roses. Here are the first paragraphs of my January garden column at, shared here for your enjoyment.
Bare Root Roses
The Reverend Samuel Reynolds Hole wrote truly, “He who must have beautiful roses in his garden, must have beautiful roses in his heart.” Born in 1819 this much loved preacher went on to preach in 500 churches, was the friend of Dickens and Thackeray, and was called “the rose king” by Lord Tennyson.

We hope to have beautiful roses in our hearts and in our gardens, and the colder months are the ideal time to buy and plant bare root roses. Bare root roses are less expensive and offer an almost unlimited palette of colors and types to grace your garden.

My favorite rose source is a small family owned nursery called Roses of Yesterday. 831 728-1901. Other outstanding nurseries are Jackson and Perkins, toll-free 1 877 322-2300, and Edmunds’ Roses 1 888 481-7673. Heirloom Roses sells many rare roses including the Buck Hardy Rose Bushes. Dr. Buck is described as an artist of plant breeding. 503 538-1576. These websites offer excellent information on how to select, plant and nurture your roses.

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