Monday, December 3, 2007

Writing and the art of patience

I am a freelance magazine writer, and need to use and perfect the virtue of patience.
Most people I know are, like me, rather impatient. We want quick results.
Impatience is enhanced by the lovely instant results of email and Internet searching.
Often when I send a query to a magazine these days, it reaches them within the same minute that I send it to them, via email.
So yesterday I sent the third part of an article and jpg photos to an editor, on spec.
On spec means they want me to write it and send it, but aren't promising to publish it.
So, now the wait for an answer commences.
Hint: the article topic is how to grow herbs for tea, and use them in tea.
I'll let you know what they tell me, when I hear from them.
Patience is a virtue, so we are told.

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